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Standarized test.

We don't do regular standard tests.


Adaptive tests

They give meaningful information for you to act upon

They go with the child's flow

They reduce anxiety about Math tests

Our test process is meant to help your child enjoy solving Maths. It goes with the flow of your child, pops up gentle and useful feedback, and lets the child figure things out, without any pressure.


No. We don't do rapid fire rounds. Take as much time to solve problems.


Whenever the child needs to be given some sense of where the child is heading, we give some feedback.

No Math anxiety

Our whole idea is to help the child build Math concepts at the child's pace.

Take a look at how we approach things.

Identify root problems

If the child is unable to answer correctly, we zero-in on exactly which concept is the bottleneck, including concepts missed in a younger grade.

Guide you onto what next

For a child who can solve problems comfortably, we guide you onto what is next appropriate for the child to start exploring.

Try a test in any topic for your child? In 10 mins you might get remarkable insights into your child.

Math Topic

Focus in-depth on one Math topic at a time

5-15 mins


Full Math

Explore how your child connects Math concepts across topics

30-45 mins


Exam plan

Is your child ready for Grade 10 next year

40-45 mins