WeTest Assessments do not rank or throw up scores to compare students. Instead the purpose of this test is to diagnose each student’s understanding levels. Hence the tests are personalized for each student.

Our analytics run on an adaptive framework which determines the ideal question to ask a student, based on their response to the previous question. Through this framework we are able to accurately ascertain the mathematical aptitude and learning breakdowns of the student, and based on this diagnosis we map the precise course of action for the student to help them scale to their potential.


WeLearn is currently developing a customised learning product for each student. When a user wishes to learn a particular topic, a set questions is asked to ascertain what the student knows currently, and based on this, presents the relevant learning videos and worksheets for thelearning objectives, that could push them to think critically, understand the core concepts and master the techniques.

About Us

Several moons ago, a creative and a committed teacher was trying to get all her students to understand the equivalence of fractions. After hours of dedicated effort, not more than 8 of her 50 students understood this. She began to probe deeper, and discussed fractions with each child separately. She figured that the gap in understanding in each child was so different, that spending more time on the topic was not going to help at all.

That is when this teacher, who founded WeThink (Sangeetha Saranathan), began to build personalised assessment solutions to first identify each child’s gaps, and then begin to teach separately what each of them needed to learn. She hopes that it will not be long before a generation of children scoff at us at the mere thought of 30 students sitting together for 12 years, listening to the same lecture, all in the pursuit of one exam that determined their destiny.

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